Monday, October 13, 2008

El Camaroncito Urban Legend– now know as El Rancherito

Growing up I heard of this story of a bar on the West side in San Antonio called El Camaroncito. If you lived in the West side of town you know the story but if you haven't let me give you a summary.

It is a San Antonio Urban legend which took place in the late 70’s from what from what I have heard.
The story goes that one night a distinguished gentleman would dance with all the beautiful ladies at the club. His hair was nicely combed with neatly pressed pants and caught many women's attention.

What started this whole legend was one lady approached this handsome man and asked him to dance. As they dance she noticed that others around her were staring in horror.

The man’s leg was part goat and many of the night clubber ran out in fear of this demon that dances with the beautiful women at El Camaroncito. Realizing she was dancing with the devil she then noticed a fowl smell coming from him and she ran out the door never to return to the club.

I heard from a friend of mine that this was not the first occurrence or you can say an isolated incident. Has the dancing devil made a second appearance? 

Only those who go to El Rancherito would know. Still though El Camaroncito's urban legend continues. For a long while this club had been vacant but now once open again. For more information click here for the next post on El Camaroncito


blackivory said...

I was wondering what the name of the dance club was. A friend of mine said she used to live down the street from el camaroncito and that at night it smells weird,...sulfur I guess, but i won't make assumptions.

Watchman01 said...

Yup the club's name changes almost every two years. I remember passing by it and it was open for a year and then it was closed again. The club next to it has opened but you would think El Rancho would be open because it accomidates more space. Thats just my guess.

LocalTexan said...

The Camaroncito now is called the Players club from what I saw passing by the building. I'm assuming the dancing devil lingers no longer but only those who attend this club would know other wise.

Frank said...

I work at that club which is a strip club and there are strange things do happen there

LocalTexan said...

Thanks for the comment. I knew it had opened up but I was not sure what it had opened up as. Just curious what kind of strange things happen there.

shalom joshua said...

Where's it @?