Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hot Wells more information on the location is it haunted?

Disclaimer: Location is on private property and from the Russell Rush reference you can see the location by appointment only.

Hot Wells as you know was once a resort which used the water springs from its neighboring Insane Asylum which is not to far from the location. The sulfur springs reach a degree of 100 degrees and the owners claim many cures from the springs. Burn down as its fortunate would have. The location is in bad shape from what I remember many years ago.

More information on Hot Wells.

I recently asked the very question is Hot Wells Resort haunted? Thank you mix 96 for answering my question.

Video and information from the Russell Rush Tour on Hot Wells.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Six Flags Fiesta Texas Haunted?

My first job I would have to say was at Fiesta Texas as a theater host. I worked there for two summers but one thing I do remember was the Zaragoza Theatre which at that time had Festival Folklorico.

 I remember many accounts when we worked late my manager would swear that there was someone in the top balcony watching the show. Even though we had no guest on the balcony level. I was sent to go see but never found anything.

I figured my boss had been seeing things since the late double shifts. Until one day a co worker and I were stationed at the front of the side of the theater when I saw what appeared to be a woman watching the show on the balcony. I dismissed it but later my co worked asked if anyone was up at the top balcony.

I told her that the top balcony was locked and no one was there. She looked at me kinda scared but I confirmed to her what I had seen as well.

I do remember telling one of the dancers from the theater about our suspense and on several accounts they have told us that they have seen someone on the balcony watching them. They just dismissed it as someone from our staff who decided to go to the balcony to watch.

Anyway its cool to see that the Russell Rush ghost tour confirmed what I had suspected.

Anyway had an experience at the Zaragoza theater?

Click here for more information on Fiesta Texas Zaragoza theater's haunting.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween events around San Antonio Texas 2012

San Antonio has a whole bunch of events going on for Halloween. I found a list of all types of Halloween activities from Zombee walks to Halloween Parties.

Halloween List 2012

Monday, October 01, 2012

Halloween Hustle in San Antonio Texas

If your a runner and want to schedule something for Halloween check out this 5 k run in San Antonio. Its called the Halloween Hustle. It takes place on October 27,2012

For more information go to Halloween Hustle for details.