Tuesday, October 18, 2011

13th floor haunted house really haunted?

I was watching the news yesterday on Fox news and according to those who run the haunted house the place is in fact haunted. There has been video and pictures taken of mysterious orbs and photographs of shadows.

Here is the link to find out more information on the 13th Floor Haunted House in San Antonio Texas

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Haunted motel in San Antonio

I remember many years ago my aunt worked for a I believe a motel 6 in San Antonio Texas. She worked what you call the grave yard shift for the hotel. She told me that under someone shift a man passed away in one of the rooms and that was pretty much that until...a few weeks later when they rented the room to individuals when they took notice of what was going on.

Apparently guest who occupied the room complained about someone taking their covers off at night. What made this story strange is that on their security cam they caught what looks like a person going to the soda machine only problem was the guy had no legs. To bad they never showed a copy of it but it was a cool ghost story.

Anyway I saw this article on yahoo which had a few hotels from around the US that are haunted.
Haunted hotels in the US

Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween in San Antonio Texas

I took this photo while I was at the Pearl Farmers Market. A JackoLantern character strolled by taking pictures with people. The characters were promoting Nightmare on Grayson which is by the Pearl Brewery.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Do love ones come by after passing away?

A few days ago my wife's grandmother passed away at a nursing home. My wife told me while she was at work she was in an area by the dumpster by her work when all of a sudden she smelled the sent flowered perfume. It was a perfume familiar to her called white diamonds.

A week before that one of her aunts had a discussion with the grandmother that she could see angels ready to take her home. The grandmother told the aunt that she was not ready to leave until she saw the rest of the grand kids.

And just like that when she saw the grand kids 2 days later she passed on.

I remember my own experience when my grand parents passed I remember being at their house one morning hearing the chatter and the smell of fresh tortillas and coffee. Only to go to the kitchen with no one there. Was it only my own experience? Not likely since my uncle had the same experience which I later told him. He describe the same smells and sounds. The ghostly experience only lasted a week then the smells and the chatter left. Leaving the house empty.

In a way it was their way of saying goodbye and they were at peace.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Ghost Experience - Packing up and ready to go.

(If your viewing this for the first time click to read the first posting of my personal ghost story)

The night before leaving I remember vividly as I was brushing my teeth a presence which passed by the restroom. I only saw what appeared to be a woman pass from the corner of my eye thinking it was my mom. After brushing my teeth I went to ask who I thought was my mom only to find an empty room. My mom was not in her room. She was in the living room.

I was puzzled but then I realized what I had seen again but paid not much attention. We began packing and we were onto our new apartment which wasn't to far from the house. I sometimes wonder why their mom never moved on but I guess you could say the house was her unfinished business.

A few years passed and my moms friend was at a kids football game when a friend of hers who lived by the house we had rented began small talk. She asked about us which for my moms friend seem random since it had already been around 6 years since we occupied the house. He asked a strange question. Did your friends when they lived in the house see anything paranormal?

My moms friend looked at the gentleman and said yes but why do you ask? Well....it seems that the owner who passed away is now haunting my house from time to time and I see her presence now and then in my hallway.

The End!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Ghost experience - The owner crys

Part one of my Ghost experience.
After explaining to her that we were not the house only then the owner had a cold silence. Then the owner began to tear. My mom and I looked at one another and were puzzled. My mom asked "Did we say something wrong?. She went on to explain that her mom never wanted to sell the house and she wanted the house to remain in the family. She then asked us if we have had any ghost expeiriences in the house while we lived there.

I looked at her and explained that I had a few ghost experiences as well as my mom but the presence never seem threatening.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Paranormal experience - The realtor blames us from letting her in.

After the news that we would have to move out. We began our journey looking for an apartment where we weren't to far from my moms work and my high school. The realtor like clock work called us to let us know that she would be coming by with a few people to show the house on a Friday around 6ish. We told her that I would be a band at a football game and she would have to work extra hours so the realtor did not have to worry about knocking and she could make herself welcome.

Then we get home later that night to to see a blinking light on the answering machine from the realtor. My mom click the button to listen to the message when the realtor was un pleased that we kept her from coming into the house.

The next day the owner of the house arrives at our door around 8 in the morning knocking on our door. I answer the door and she ask if she could speak to my mom. I let her in and I tell her to wait in the living room so I can get my mom. My mom then meets the owner and explains to her that both of us were not present in the house.

The owner told us that the realtor explained to her that someone was holding the door on the other side. She said she could hear someone inside the house but there was no answer.

The owner after listening to our explanation seem to come down with a factual expression you get after seeing a scary movie.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Owner sells the house - paranormal experience continues.

Click here to read from the beginning of my paranormal experience.

After about a year the owner asks if we would like to buy the house from her since many of the family members who had inherited the house wanted to have their money up front instead of receiving the monthly check from us from occupying the residence.

My mom looked at her and told her that realistically she could not buy the house. It wasn't that she could not buy the house it was that my mom was not aware of what was the process of getting a loan and going threw the scary mortgage process. All thought now that I think about it, that's what may it have been in the first place.

So the owner the next day told us they would call a realtor to have people come and look at the place. My mom just asked when they buy the house to give us notice so we can begin looking for a new place.

The realtor stops by and tells us she would be placing a padlock with the key and they would call us ahead when they would come by.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Game counsel and TV turn off on their own - My paranormal experience

When the game counsel came out of my Nintendo 64 I got this chill on the back of my neck as if there were a presence in the room. Luckily I had my mom on the other line to tell her what I had just experienced. I mean you read about these things but until it happens to you it give you the chills.

Deep inside I knew it wasn't a malicious presence but more like I was disturbing whatever presence was there and they wanted quiet. I went up to the TV and decided to turn the television off and went off to occupy myself outside preparing for a bbq.

That night I could not sleep knowing that what I known. I wish I had not known that someone had passed away in the house. She sure made her presence known. Inside my room I could just hear the quiet ticking of our wall clock in the hallway which seemed to echo in the whole house. Tick Tick Tick....listening just to hear if maybe I hear a disturbance but yet the silence seemed more uneasy to me that night.

Part 2 Continuation of my ghost story 

Click to read from the beginning of my paranormal experience.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Part 2 of my haunting experience at the rental home in San Antonio

Read Part one of my paranormal experience if you missed it.

The land lord covered all the details on the house and gave us the keys. We moved in the next day and I had already eyed what room I would be in.

The first night was a quiet night. I mostly listened to my radio and thought nothing of what the lady had said about her mom passing away in the home. I did think sub continuously where she died but I never dared to ask my mom because I knew in the back of my mind my mine would play tricks on me.

We went on as normal and the house was quiet. Nothing out of the ordinary until one day on my way from school I plugged in the nintendo 64 in to play a game of mario cart the volume of the television went from the normal settings to practically silence.

I had just called my mom asking her if she needed any groceries from the grocerie store while I continued playing my game of mario cart when my nintendo 64 game poped out of the game counsel.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

My very own haunting experience at a rental home. Part one

Many years ago when my mom and I were in the mist of looking for a place to live in San Antonio but nothing that we could find that was affordable but yet decent enough to call home. One day one of my moms friends called her and asked her if she would be interested in renting a house instead of an apartment. My moms friend gave her the number to the lady with the house and right away my mom made a connection with the owner to rent the house.

We packed our bags and all our belongings but before that we met with the owner of the home on a clear Saturday afternoon. She was a nice lady and open the house to show us this nice house in a quiet neighborhood on the south side of San Antonio.

The house had a nice back yard with a nice big tree in the middle with tons of leaves which you know will fall during the winter. She did tell us that the house was her moms house who had passed away around a year ago and had been left with no tenants because the family could not decide weather to rent or sell the home. She said the family finally came to an agreement that they would like to rent the house off to not only pay taxes off with the money from the tenant but to have a monthly income that the family could share.

She went on to tell us that her mom love this home and she could not bare seeing it sold to someone. In the back of my mind I could only think oh great a dead woman lurks in this house....

Part 2 of my paranormal experience.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mission San Jose Photo - believe to be haunted.

Front of Mission San Jose

Rose window. Some say it was built by a builder who dedicated it to his love Rosa.

Here is a photo I took a while back of Mission San Jose. According to locals some say a black dog hangs around at night in the court yard. Some say its an indian spirit that lingers in the area. Others have
 stated seeing a headless priest which some say is seen on nights when the moon is full.

If you are in the San Antonio Texas area its a nice mission to visit other then the Alamo.
Mission San José
6701 San Jose Dr.
San Antonio, TX

(feel free to use these photos. Just please give me credit or a link back to my blog would be nice.)

Monday, June 06, 2011

The Players Club once known as El Camaroncito club

One of my first writings was about a night club at the time called EL Camaroncito which in English means the little shrimp. Its location is on the Old highway 90 road on the west side.

Today the old club has been converted to a strip club which was confirmed by a recent visitor who works at the club. Thank you Frank for your insight on the club and the strange things that still happen.

The club today is called the Players Club but it seems that strange occurrences have occurred at the club.

To summarize the story many people who have gone to the night club at the time say that the devil dances there and calls to beautiful women.

You can read more about my old post on the Camaroncito Urban legend.

Camaroncito Night Club devil

Friday, June 03, 2011

Our Trip to New Orleans and our freaky experience with a tarot card reader.

Last year my wife and I decided to head out to the big easy(New Orleans) for a mini vacation away from Texas. Yes we left Texas as beautiful as our State is we wanted to do the tourist thing and visit the French Quarter drink up the Cajun Music and eat a shirmp Poo-boy.

On our way to New Orleans we had some car trouble with one of our front tires but couldnt find what was wrong with it.  It didn't stop us from having fun so we went and visited many shops and we did the carriage tour.

Our last day we ran into a fortune teller who offered to do our fortune for a nominal price and we figured what could it hurt.  I figured by the end of the reading I would be a millionaire with a sports car but the reading was actually surprising.

One of the readings went on to say we had problems with our car and we needed to look into getting it fixed. What was freaky was he told us that it was something to do with the right tire. Keep in mind we were about 75 miles away from New Orleans when we heard the noises coming from the car.

After the reading he gave us an amulet and told us that it should take care of any problems and to give us a safe journey. As soon as we left New Orleans I kid you not the car noise went away.

We got home and had one of our friends who was a mechanic take a look at the wheel and he said there was nothing wrong.

Maybe it was the Voodoo Queen giving us a warning. ;)

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Evil eye but in Mexican Culture called "El Mal Ojo"

A few days ago a friend of mine told me of her conversation she had with a man at the grocery line. The whole conversation started because of the man’s curiosity with Mexican culture mainly superstition.

Needless to say ignorance is bliss when this man asked why Mexicans or Latinos for better words are superstitious. She turn and smiled and said what do you mean? He said for example he had a lady touch his shirt and said to him I wanted to touch your shirt because I don’t want to give you ojo. (or maybe it was an easy way to come on to him without him knowing )

If your not familiar with the term giving you ojo, it’s a term used to wish someone bad luck unintentionally because you like what that person is wearing or eating or anything involving that person in front of you.

 So the superstition to counter it is to touch the item or sometimes if someone is admiring your baby to touch the baby.

She went on to explain that El Mal Ojo’s origin is pretty much a universal superstition such as in Greece or in many religions and regions such as in Turkey where glass amulets are worn to ward off the evil eye.

You hear it more with Hispanic culture because of the cultural belief such as people placing a horse shoe on top of their door, or carrying a rabbits foot or wearing green for saint patricks for good luck. Superstitions are a form of traditions which have been passed on from generation to generation.

Which is why when latinos have babies they are given an amulet for a baby to wear what is called el ojo de venado(eye of the deer(which is not a real eye) It is a sea bean given to babies to counter any Mal Ojo.

Well the man looked at her indifferent I guess because she had a pretty extensive insight on where the Mal Ojo came from.  As he was walking to his car his phone fell . Could it have been the Mal Ojo? Who knows but my friend walked a away with a smile knowing that she was able to give this guy some insight that the Evil eye is not just an isolated belief.

Anyway speaking of Latino folklore the belief is if you think you got the effects of the evil eye you can cure yourself with an egg which is called curar con un huevo.

Next article on what the Curar con un Huevo. Which means cure with an Egg. Stay tune for the next article.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Donkey Lady Urban Legend reflection

I was reading a blog called Ghost Stories and Haunted Places and the blog allowed me to reflect on how urban legends and ghost stories change depending on who you ask.

Tonight I wanted to reflect on the story of the donkey lady who's some say her spirit lingers by the bridge if your brave enough to summon her. 

One version of this story is that an old woman lived by this bridge alone and many of locals who lived by there were not very fond of her. One night some local trouble makers decided to burn her house while she sleeping. As the house burned trapping her she dashes out of her front door on fire as the flames distorted her body parts changing her appearance to what some say took on characteristics of a donkey. She died where she stood and some say her spirit lingers by the bridge seeking her revenge.

Another version to this story is that the lady is identified as a Chinese woman who lived with donkeys or took care of donkeys.(I wasn't really clear on this one) Many people saw this Chinese woman were afraid of her because of her practice of witch craft Fearing the unknown a few locals took it upon themselves to burn her house to get rid of her due to her witch craft practices. They boarded her house and torched the house so she could not escape. Her donkeys had also been killed and some say her spirit took on the form of the donkey to terrorize those who come need the bridge.

What is similar in both of these stories is what happens when you go to the donkey bridge. Both stories state
 if you flicker your flash light 5 or 10 times you will summon her spirit and bad things will happen. Bad things such as a full body apparition of this donkey like woman.

Personally I have had friends go to the bridge with no paranormal experience. I also read an article a while back that local cops have had reports of dead bodies thrown over the bridge and that spirits do linger at night which can probably explain many of the paranormal activity.

If your wondering where this bridge is I believe its by the Toyota plant on the south side of San Antonio. Most urban legends are around that area I wonder why that is?  Anyway good night and don't flash your lights 10 times unless you want to be visited? jk.

Friday, February 11, 2011

House Blessing Follow up

My fiance and I went to her friends home to perform the catholic house blessing. We could of asked a priest but I wasn't sure if she would be ok with a catholic priest preforming the house blessing. So to respect her wishes I decided to do the blessing with the help of her friends. By the way she made some good lasagna which always helps bring the good vibe.

Anyway as of today no ghosts activity has been reported. I'm glad the blessing worked and can help her sleep at night.

If you know of a house blessing that you preform please share. It does not have to be a catholic house blessing.

Friday, January 28, 2011

House blessing recommendation

A friend of mine suggested to use this catholic house blessing. Most people who do blessings is either to welcome a new home if you purchase a home or a way to renew
positive energies from god.

Don't worry I won't get all preachy so will leave it at that. House blessings are also used to ward off evil spirits or bad energies.

Anyway here is the house blessing prayer. 

I like this one because it involves more then one person doing the house blessing. Tell me your thoughts or if you have any alternatives to house blessings or warding off spirits please share.

addition - 6-3-11

A simple house blessing can be as easily as getting friends together and doing a prayer. Another friend of mine who is non Catholic told me they did this in a friends home because of the paranormal activity that had occurred recently after they did some renovations to their home. They called a few friends over and did a normal prayer as you would praying over a meal and each person would say postive things and ask for protection of the owner and those saying the prayer.

Hope this helps for those experiencing ghost activity.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A friend of mine experiencing paranormal activity

Recently my fiance was telling me one of her good friends had been experiencing paranormal activity in her apartment. She said the activity has been getting worse
and she does not know what to do.

I did recommend for her friends and I to get together to do a house blessing. Normally done by a priest but can also be done by a parishioner. So even if there isn't anything paranormal it may give her a sense of assurance in her faith as well as providing a positive environment. I've done a few and have never had problems after doing a house blessing.

I will keep you posted on the result and how the house blessing went. Let me know your experiences or if you have alternative remedies that ward off ghosts.

If you read the last post on my friends paranormal activity you can click here to read more. Sunday we will preform the house blessing.