Friday, January 28, 2011

House blessing recommendation

A friend of mine suggested to use this catholic house blessing. Most people who do blessings is either to welcome a new home if you purchase a home or a way to renew
positive energies from god.

Don't worry I won't get all preachy so will leave it at that. House blessings are also used to ward off evil spirits or bad energies.

Anyway here is the house blessing prayer. 

I like this one because it involves more then one person doing the house blessing. Tell me your thoughts or if you have any alternatives to house blessings or warding off spirits please share.

addition - 6-3-11

A simple house blessing can be as easily as getting friends together and doing a prayer. Another friend of mine who is non Catholic told me they did this in a friends home because of the paranormal activity that had occurred recently after they did some renovations to their home. They called a few friends over and did a normal prayer as you would praying over a meal and each person would say postive things and ask for protection of the owner and those saying the prayer.

Hope this helps for those experiencing ghost activity.

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Jessica Penot said...

My parents had the priest come in and do this when they were having paranormal problems with their house. It seemed to work to clean the house.