Monday, November 02, 2009

Insane Asylum in San Antonio Texas

I had heard of the infamous insane asylum that lurks on the South Side of San Antonio Texas by a coworker of mine. Although off limits it remains an abandoned building and owned by the city of San Antonio.

There had been rumored that this once building use to house people with mental disabilities. There is another story that claims that this once building use to house people who contracted TB. The building was used to quarantined those who had TB to get treatment.

Scary looking place from a far but not worth looking into since the site is contaminated with asbestos.

Supposedly there is a guy across from the place that will scare you off with his shot gun. I've personally never have been there but that's the story.

The abandoned building is owned by the city and is off limits. Many people have been to the location (illegally of course) have witnessed shadows, sounds of cries of those who have passed on and are in limbo.

Others have claimed to have seen documentation of what was once occupied. What strikes me is if this abandoned building was left unattended why leave documentation?

What I have read and heard from people about the Insane Asylum is that funding was limited and closing the building was the only option. How you may be asking what about the patients right? What I heard is that they were let go down town to roam around with the homeless. Just a rumor but its not for sure.

I have heard from a few people who have had ghost encounters of strange noise such as screaming or even one where they heard a whisper say help me.

Video slide show of photos taken of the insane asylum building.

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Crockett hotel - With Ghost Hunter Tour Guide Texas

This is a picture of the haunted tour guide who took us by the Crockett hotel downtown San Antonio Texas.

Paranormal activity was reported by the Crockett hotel. Some say its a reoccurring haunting where reports of Spanish solders have been seen by the pool area. This picture was taken during a haunted tour downtown by the Alamo where it starts.

Ghost Tour Review

This is a photo of one the locations where the ghost tour headed. The tour guide told us this building which many have claim has the most ghost activity.

Claims of a rocking chair moving on its own. Shadows, orbs or lights flickering even when there is no one inside the building.

The building is right by the Crockett Hotel.