Friday, May 27, 2016

Mike Tyson Fight and Time traveler with Smart phone.

This was an interesting find on FB. You never know what you find online. Although I doubt it was a time traveler with a smart phone, its plasusable that smart phones had already been made before smart phones hit the consumer field a decade later.

Some comments suggest that it might be the Casio QV-10 which was the early digital cameras that just came to market.  Although highly unlikely from the size.

What do you think?


I went online to see the original footage of the 95 fight to compare to the video above and at around 2:50 mark you can see the guy holding what looks like a smart phone.

Update after looking around online.

Seems what the audience member may have had was a camera that was made by kodak in the early 90s.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tejano Singer Emilio Navaira's ghost debunked San Antonio Texas

This photo has been circulating around facebook as Emilio Navaira's ghost.  This photo was taken from the neighbor across the street and later posted that a ghost figure appeared on the camera afterwords. It was later confirmed it was a news person with a cowboy hat knocking on the door.  In summary not a ghost. This one has been debunked. Emilio Navaira died at the age of 53. They had an open ceremony for him at the Joe Freeman for all his fans to give their final farewells.

Friday, May 13, 2016

The all seeing eye is closer then you think in San Antonio

The free masons are all around the US and you don't have to look to the movie National treasure to see its symbol around San Antonio.

I found this symbol while digging a little for information on the natitatourm which was rumored to be a jail at one time. Although I still didn't find anything other then the natiatorim was built in the early 80s.

I did run into the San Antonio conservation site which has an icon on the far right called the all seeing eye. The all seeing eye seems to be a very universal symbol and its mysticism dates back centuries as a symbol of protection or and indication that god sees all.

Anyway I thought it was interesting and could be possibly part of the free masons in San Antonio.

I will post some of the symbols I spot around San Antonio.

Happy Friday the 13th

Its always a good day for the 13th. Stay clear from the lakes.