Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hot Wells more information on the location is it haunted?

Disclaimer: Location is on private property and from the Russell Rush reference you can see the location by appointment only.

Hot Wells as you know was once a resort which used the water springs from its neighboring Insane Asylum which is not to far from the location. The sulfur springs reach a degree of 100 degrees and the owners claim many cures from the springs. Burn down as its fortunate would have. The location is in bad shape from what I remember many years ago.

More information on Hot Wells.

I recently asked the very question is Hot Wells Resort haunted? Thank you mix 96 for answering my question.

Video and information from the Russell Rush Tour on Hot Wells.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Six Flags Fiesta Texas Haunted?

My first job I would have to say was at Fiesta Texas as a theater host. I worked there for two summers but one thing I do remember was the Zaragoza Theatre which at that time had Festival Folklorico.

 I remember many accounts when we worked late my manager would swear that there was someone in the top balcony watching the show. Even though we had no guest on the balcony level. I was sent to go see but never found anything.

I figured my boss had been seeing things since the late double shifts. Until one day a co worker and I were stationed at the front of the side of the theater when I saw what appeared to be a woman watching the show on the balcony. I dismissed it but later my co worked asked if anyone was up at the top balcony.

I told her that the top balcony was locked and no one was there. She looked at me kinda scared but I confirmed to her what I had seen as well.

I do remember telling one of the dancers from the theater about our suspense and on several accounts they have told us that they have seen someone on the balcony watching them. They just dismissed it as someone from our staff who decided to go to the balcony to watch.

Anyway its cool to see that the Russell Rush ghost tour confirmed what I had suspected.

Anyway had an experience at the Zaragoza theater?

Click here for more information on Fiesta Texas Zaragoza theater's haunting.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween events around San Antonio Texas 2012

San Antonio has a whole bunch of events going on for Halloween. I found a list of all types of Halloween activities from Zombee walks to Halloween Parties.

Halloween List 2012

Monday, October 01, 2012

Halloween Hustle in San Antonio Texas

If your a runner and want to schedule something for Halloween check out this 5 k run in San Antonio. Its called the Halloween Hustle. It takes place on October 27,2012

For more information go to Halloween Hustle for details.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Texas Transportation Museum Halloween Spook Track Ula

This morning I was on my email and I got and email from living social. They have a haunted
attraction. This is the first I have heard of it so I plan to check it out for October and take a few pics of the experience.

Living social link which I believe is only good today. No affiliation but I felt if you want a bargain go for it. Althought still a bargain at regular price.

Texas Transportation Museum - Spook Trac Ula - Haunted track ride.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monster Convention in San Antonio

    Passing it along and help us spread the word please ! If you can like our facebook page
    If we've already sent this I deeply apologize ! But we're really excited about this!
    Looking for SPONSORS ! VENDORS ! VOLUNTEERS !If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email ! We are currently looking for events to promote the convention , if your venue will allow us we'll show up with a small table videos tv and monsters in costume to promote Monster-Con

    October 13-14 at Wonderland Mall of the America's4522 Fredericksburg Rd
    Monsters Invade San Antonio ! Its a B-Movie Monster themed, Halloween party,
    IT'S an Invasion Their Coming!!

    This is the first time anything like this has ever happened in San Antonio .


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Haunted Store in Sherman Texas

Interesting video I saw on yahoo a while back about a store in Sherman Texas. The owner got to the shop early morning to see a few of her items on the floor. When she looked at her severance tapes it showed something more. Check out the ghost video.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cadillac Bar Photo - SA hauntings

Cadillac Bar in San Antonio Texas - believed to be haunted.

This is a photo I took while I was attending a wedding. This is the hallway to the restroom. They have an upstairs and downstairs reception hall. Next to the reception halls is a bar. No Ghost was photographed but this photo demonstrates what the Cadillac Bar looks like in the reception area where most parties are held.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hot Wells Motel claimed to be haunted location

Hot Wells Photo San Antonio Texas
Citation from where photo was taken from.
Wikipedia on Hot Wells Hotel

Hotel Wells built according to a forum I read was built in the late 1800s or early 1900s. Some say that the hotel smells a smell of death but in reality it is the smell of a sulfur spring that flows within the Hot Wells Hotel. According to historians the State Hospital could not use the springs due to its sulfur content and the 109 degree temperature and was bought for its rights to pull water from its spring. It was later bought off to make a resort and the sulfur springs were used as a way to get visitors to enjoy the hot sulfur springs. Many claim that bathing in the springs cured aliments which was used to attract people to the hotel.

Unfortunately Hot Wells Hotel has been victim of not one but a few arson's which has halted any chance for this historic site to its original glory. As you can see in this small photo it was a very prominent place where people came to relax and enjoy the mineral bath.

The location is said to be on South Presa which is not to far from the infamous Insane Asylum or what the city referred to as the State Hospital.

I haven't heard of any ghost stories coming from this location but this area in general has many urban legends. The stories that you read online are normally ones claiming the smell of death but this could be dis proven because of the sulfur springs that occupy the space. Not to say its not a haunted location since it was built in the early 1800s but there hasn't been any record that I know of where people have had ghostly experiences. I was able to go to the location many years ago on an assignment on long forgotten locations around San Antonio.

I hope one day someone will bring back this location to what it once was. Below are a few links and resources on Hot Wells.

 Hot Wells Hotel in depth history.

Resources Slide Shows and Hot Wells History

Post Cards from Hot Wells.

Hot Wells Video on youtube with commentary.

Monday, May 21, 2012

My aunt who passed away two months ago.

In the early part of December my aunt was diagnosed with a rare disease which only a hand full of people have been diagnosed with. For the most part my memory doesn't serve me well but it was a disease which took her pretty quick. Its hard to think that going to the doctor to only hear the news that you only have a few months to live can be heart breaking which makings me wonder why anyone would want to know when your going to die. I sometimes wonder if not knowing is better or if knowing is better.

Needless to say her last days I would have to say were a lot more happier then she had ever had since most of our family had not visited her in years. I think back how sad it is that families only come together only when a love one passes. I can say when she passed she went peacefully. Keeping up with the them of this blog I decided to share an experience one my aunts had when she was out of town ready to go to Hawaii to spread her ashes. She fell sleep in the guest room when around 3am the old computer in the guest room turned on as well as the monitor.

My aunt the next day asked my uncle if he had used the computer that night and he smile and said no. In a way I think it was my aunt who had passed, had just sent a message to my aunt who was asleep that everything would be ok.

When they arrived in Hawaii the spread her ashes on a beautiful garden because if you knew my aunt she had an act for flowers which surrounded her country side home. My uncle told me that Hawaii for the most part is windy and for that moment when he spread her ashes the wind stood still for a moment to allow him to spread her ashes so that she could rest in peace.

Here is to you my aunt. We know you left with unfinished business. So my question to you. Do you think a love one who pass comes back to say their final fare well?

Sunday, April 08, 2012

El Camaroncito on the West Side photo

Here is a photo of El Camaroncito which is now a strip club called the Players Club. At one time seemed like it had been open but no signs of life which has been typical from what I have seen when other owners have tried to reopen it as a regular club. If your not familiar with El Camaroncito click here to read the urban legend of El Camaroncito.

If you know anything about this club or stories please post I would like to know your experience.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Cadillac Bar Haunting Investigation

I found this video done by Kens 5 television who did an investigation with Ghost Seekers of Texas which does paranormal investigations. This video is an investigation of the Cadillac Bar which is located downtown.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mission San Jose

Mission San Jose in San Antonio Texas

Some say that a headless priest lurks at night by the church. Some say that a black dog which is the spirit of an indian walks the grounds of Mission San Jose. Located on the South Side of San Antonio.

Your antique bed you bought may be haunting you.

My wife's mom was telling me that a while back she had bought an antique bed frame from an antique dealership about a year ago.

One night she was working on her homework when all of a sudden her bed started to shake. She first though it was her dog who may have been scratching underneath the bed only to look underneath the bed to see nothing was there.

Have to had a ghostly experience after buying something that has been owned?

I have read online that haunted items can be a common occurrence if someone who was attached to that item emotionally can haunt that particular item such as the bed frame.

I read a particular story of a doll called Robert. Who is now on display at The East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida. Hes not a friendly doll from what people have said.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pictures of that Cadillac Bar

Cadillac Bar San Antonio Texas Haunting.
Cadillac Bar

Said to be haunted by the original owner. 212 S Flores St
San Antonio, TX 78204

Building is said to be around 130 years old made of limestone. The building is by the court house and has seen its share of hangings. People who work in the building say a woman haunts the location.

Here is a video on an investigation by Kens 5 on the Cadillac Bar 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The bell from my grandfathers house

A few days ago I visited my uncle and he told me something my cousin told him. She was working at a clothing store when one of the new owners came to her register. They asked how she is doing and then the next question that made my cousin pause with silence. They asked her if my grandparents had a bell on the back door. She then told them many years when they were alive they had a small bell attached to the top of the door. The bell would ring when one came in and out of the house. Only thing that makes this story interesting is there is no bell. A little reminder never to forget those who passed.

Just to recap I did post a long posting on my own personal haunting experience. 

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Happy Belated New Years.

A new year and new stories. This year I plan to visit and take a few photos of some of the places in and around San Antonio that are haunted. If you have a few locations you may want me to look up please post.