Monday, November 09, 2015

San Antonio Ghosts Tracks

If you were a kid living in San Antonio, Texas and during the month of October you were about as sure to have heard this story before.

Stories vary from story teller to story teller but this is the version I have heard. In the early 1940s there was a bus of kids on its way back from a field trip when the bus had stalled in the middle of the tracks.

The driver tried to get the bus going but it would not go at all. Legend has it that the bus was struck by train and all who were on that bus died that day.

Many years have passed and many say that those kids who died that day will push any car that is on those very tracks off so that the fate of that person will not meet theirs. 

Legends state that around the tracks are the names of those who passed as a memorial to them.

During halloween its a hot spot for people to try and put powder on the back of their car to see the finger prints of the little kids.

Much of the Tracks urban legend has been debunked as just a Halloween story. The pushing of the car is a mere optical illusion which looks like your car is uphill but it has a slight slope which allows the car in neutral to roll down. The names of the streets where people claim were the children who were on that very bus are in fact not the names.

Still the location still gathers the curiosity of the ghost thrill seekers and those who have dared claim many ghost encounters.

(Just be forewarned it is illegal to park your car on the tracks. You will get a ticket.)

There isn't really much to see at the location but if you are curious on how to get to the imfamous tracks here is a link from Yelp on the Ghost Tracks.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Ghost tracks of san antonio closed.

If your heading out to try your luck on getting your car pushed off, you wont have much luck. The infamous tracks will be closed due to renovations from Union Pacific . Apparently they will be adding a new railroad that will run opposite.

So for now the ghost tracks of San Antonio will be closed.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hidden Tunnel found in Seguin Texas

This was an interesting find reported by my SA. In Seguin a hidden tunnel was discovered when construction began within the city.

Officals say the tunnel may have been built as an underground railroad. Tunnel measured around 71 feet.

For pictures on the hidden tunnel click Unmapped Tunnel

Monday, August 17, 2015

San Antonio Missions become a wonder of the world

Good news for our local San Antonio Missions. If your new to San Antonio, Texas you will be surprised that San Antonio has more then its Alamo which has been the focal point for our historic downtown. If you happen to travel down the south of San Antonio you will notice a few trails which will lead you to several of our missions.

The good news is that our Missions have become listed as one of the wonders of the world. So what does this mean to San Antonio? It means that we will be put on the list as a destination and we hope possibly more funding from our local government to preserve this local treasure.

In closing I feel that ghost sometimes linger to remind us of what once was.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Another Photo of the Onion House

Update: 12-05-2015

Took it from the fence so there is no misconception but please do not trespass, The good news if you want to see this beautiful building from afar, the fence line allows you to shoot some great photos like this one. I hope one day they do open it up to the public. Just remember that its not open to the public yet.