Monday, December 20, 2010

Ghost Girl picture by the deer feeder - solved ghost ap

Nov 17,2011 Thanks to one of our guest posts we figured out that this photo of the ghost girl is a fake. Done with the ghost ap that you can find on your smart phone. Apparently this photo had been floating around the internet. 

I've been meaning to post this picture for a while but have not gotten around to it. From the looks of the picture she is dress in the 1900 period but thats just a guess.

The picture I believe was taken up somewhere up north of Texas. No one really knows for sure but a friend of mine showed me this on his phone while we at Chris Madrids. If your wondering its not the ghost ap most people think where you can take the picture and it puts a ghost in the picture so this one is ruled out because the photo does not resemble any from the ghost ap.

Real or fake is the question? Well even if the photo is real people out there Im sure will say its fake. I hope its real.