Monday, December 20, 2010

Ghost Girl picture by the deer feeder - solved ghost ap

Nov 17,2011 Thanks to one of our guest posts we figured out that this photo of the ghost girl is a fake. Done with the ghost ap that you can find on your smart phone. Apparently this photo had been floating around the internet. 

I've been meaning to post this picture for a while but have not gotten around to it. From the looks of the picture she is dress in the 1900 period but thats just a guess.

The picture I believe was taken up somewhere up north of Texas. No one really knows for sure but a friend of mine showed me this on his phone while we at Chris Madrids. If your wondering its not the ghost ap most people think where you can take the picture and it puts a ghost in the picture so this one is ruled out because the photo does not resemble any from the ghost ap.

Real or fake is the question? Well even if the photo is real people out there Im sure will say its fake. I hope its real.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2 review

My girl friend and I went to go see paranormal activity and I have to say it was not bad. I still think the first paranormal activity movie was scary but it was good how they tied in the first movie with the second one.

If your looking for a classic horror film then your going to be very dissapointed. If you haven't seen paranormal activity (the first one ) check it out but expect no audio music in the background. For this movie is displayed in a documentary style.

Anyway check out Paranormal activity 2 the movie. Its good and will keep you jumping.

Ghost Video of the Alamo Theater

Monday, November 01, 2010

San Pedro Park Haunting in San Antonio Texas

If your following along with the Russell Rush haunted tour you may want to check out the video on the San Pedro Park which is linked below. I never knew it was one of the oldest parks in the United States and has a dark past as well. It was founded on 1731 . There have been known to have been found skeletal remains within the park. Prisoners from the civil war were housed within the area and could be lost souls who still haunt the park.

I did find out that it is illegal to go with a metal detector digging around the park. I'm rather sure there are many artifacts within the park.

San Pedro Park video from Russell Rush

I plan to head out to take a few pictures if you have never been to the park. A lot of renovations have been made since this was posted. 4-25-2016.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ghost Tales of the Menger Hotel (2/4)

This is part two of the Mengar hotel video haunting story.

Time Traveler caught on tape made in 1928

No it wasn't a video from San Antonio but I read and saw this article on yahoo news. Apparently this video has been circulating around the internet that a time traveler was caught on video made in 1928 on a cell phone. Even if it was a walkie talkie they didnt come out until much later which would of been my guess. Anyway here is the video and tell me what you think?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Onion House pictures of this famous haunted historic location

I was doing a search a few mins ago and found that there are many pictures of the restoration of the Onion house Building. It was interesting to read that this building did not look like its current status due to the renovation. My girl friend told me that much of the renovation stopped due to vandals destroying what was inside the Onion house which halted the on going restoration. I do hope people do help support local history such as this building.

Onion House pictures

Mengar Hotel Haunting Video - San Antonio Texas

Built in 1859 the Mengar Hotel is a hop skip away from the famous Alamo.

This hotel is not only beautiful but one of the haunted hot spots in San Antonio. Click the video to see more. If you have a story please share your experience and your ghostly tale.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Alamo hauntings historical video of the hauntings

This is an interesting video I found on how San Antonio Texas got its name and why it still stands. Remember the Alamo.

Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia non SA TX related topic

I saw this on the Ksat site that in Philadelphia they have an old Penitentiary which is now used as historic tours and on Halloween they create an actual Halloween haunted house where you pay to get the boots spooked out of you.

I remember when I was in college we had something similar to this on the third floor of the university which had an abandoned 3rd floor. Those who set up the haunted house were spooked because of on going unexplainable noises and things moving around when no one had even been to the third floor.

Anyway I went off topic on that but check out the Eastern State Penitentiary haunted house

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chupacabra story told to me by a local farmer.

A friend of mine who is a farmer told me a story about seeing the Chupacabra after listening to a song called the Chupacabra. Ironic hum? Anyway she told me that its not like how the media protrays it and states that its more like a mix between a dog and some other type of animal.

She says she has seen in on 3 occasions and some of the others have seen it as well. She states it prays on chickens or small live stock to no surprise. Her husband says he has seen it and its nothing he has ever seen.

They both describe it as having short legs on the front and large legs on the back. The head has a long snout and hairless.  Although they have seen what the news on TV has stated but they way they describe it is its like no animal in how it travels an unlike any dog or other type of identifiable animal.

Anyway keep your eye out if you see the Chupacabra lurking in the wilderness outside of San Antonio.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ghost in San Antonio Video

These are two videos part one and part two videos on ghost stories in San Antonio Texas.

Donkey Lady EVP found on Youtube

This video is one story of the famous Donkey lady urban legend in San Antonio. I went a few years back to look at the bridge but it was during the day.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

San Antonio Insane Asylum Photos

I found photo gallery of the insane Asylum. If you have ever been there let me know if these photos are accurate.

For more information on the insane asylum click here.

San Antonio Insane Asylum

I believe this is one of many buildings on this location.

Pod Cast of the Insane Asylum by Mix 96.1

Grey Moss Inn haunting

If you ever been to Leon Springs there is a small town called Grey Moss and least to say even when driving by you get an strange feeling because of house the trees line up along the road. Its kinda in the middle of no where so you blink and you can probably miss it because its that small.

Anyway I'm here to talk about the Grey Moss Inn which is a restaurant that serves good steak and wine if you ever do go by check it out. The Grey Moss Inn is haunted by the former owner named Mary who till this day haunts it. We have stopped by the place to have a late lunch but nothing out of the normal. They do say that the women's restroom is haunted by Mary.

Anyway here is a link to the Russell Rush Tour Video from the Grey Moss Inn.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

San Antonio insane Asylum information from Mix 96,1

Located on southton and Farm Road

My girl friends little cousin told me they went to this place and found many documents still laying within the building. One of the buildings had a retraining room to restrain patients I guess. They didn't experience anything paranormal that night but they felt the building was very spooky.

Just my take but I feel these buildings were never taken down due to the amount of money to remove asbestos within the building since most of these buildings built before the 70's had asbestos to protect the house from burning.

Anyway below is a link on what Mix 96.1 in San Antonio Texas has found but stories very depending on who you ask.

San Antonio Insane Asylum

Information I found on the San Antonio Insane Asylum.

Just a word of warning the buildings are privately owned by the state so trespassing can get you jail time or a ticket

More information on the insane Asylum (older posting on the topic)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More information on the San Antonio Insane Asylum

My first article on the Insane Asylum and stories of other peoples accounts.

I did find more information on the Haunted Insane Asylum in San Antonio from the Handbook of Texas. It seems like a credible book because it provides citations but goes further into detail of what the building was used for.
Here is the link on information about the Insane Asylum in San Antonio - Texas historical association reference

A little more information on the Insane Asylum in San Antonio by your very own Mix 96.1

Just a word of warning its privately owned and the city of San Antonio will arrest anyone trespassing. Also buildings like these are know to have asbestos so not the best thing to be breathing in. Thats my little disclaimer by the way :-)

Monday, September 27, 2010

The 13th Floor haunted house

I saw this coming from the Garden show next to sunset station. Some say its not as good as grayson but let you be the judge.

Anyway I found the link and thought I'd post since we are close to halloween. If you find any cool haunted locations or haunted houses please comment.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Onion House Story - Haunting

Written by
kenownshislife If you find his video send him a message. :-)

I've been looking for people who could corroborate or at least had a similar experience to my story of the onion house. I have been searching for a particular video tape my friend had made. Must have been back 2000 or 2001 he and 2 of his friends wanted to pull a prank on two of their girlfriends they videotaped a pretexed trip to the walgreens shortly after it opened (this could tell what year it was)so after shoplifting some chocolate they decided to go to the onion house as this had become a high school hangout of sorts. They show the girls getting all spooked by some noises from the back the girls run out they chase them down in the front of the building and explain it was their other friend in the back making the noises. Now here is the spooky part. We were at my house making fun of those girls when my friend broke out the tape so I could see the look on the girls faces when they got spooked. While we were watching and then my friends other buddy startled and says wtf and made james rewind. In the upper corner window where there was no floor(renovations)for anyone to stand was a woman her entire body looked like cigarette smoke she was dressed like little house on the prairie bonnet and all she wore a shawl and had her arms outspread she was looking out in the front sort of where the guys were sytanding occasionally back over her shoulder at what appeared to be two orangesh red glowing eyes. Now I say it was a security light but it0 never flashed bright with all their movements so I don't know. Anyway standing in front of the woman was a little girl same makeup same type of garb no shawl. The woman looked back and forth several times and then wrapped her arms and shawl around the girl and they both walked backwards band dissapeared from view into the shadows on a floor that wasn't there. We took. That tape apart bought a frame by frame vcr (one of the first ever sold at walmart) that night these guys just didn't have the technology to fake it no split or tape on the tape and photoshop was too crude for that level of detail. We kept the tape for a while but we eventually moved and the tape was lost. If anyone here has seen it please contact me if anything so I can get a copy. I can't believe we had proof and let it go like that.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

UFO spotted August 6 2010 in San Antonio

My friends brother in law spotted a ufo a few days ago in his telescope. Although the link provide is not his footage but someone else saw the same thing in the sky.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Famous Ghost Tracks in SA TX

This video is from the discovery channel. This video takes a look at ghosts in a more scientific way.

Another Video on the Haunted Train Tracks in San Antonio Texas

Found the famous train tracks video from San Antonio Texas. This is not my video but its cool just to see it in day light.

If you do go out that way at night beware. The police frequents that area.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Ghost Radar Ap for Iphone

I got the first generation Iphone, nope its not the new Iphone that just came out. Anyway Apple has a Ghost Radar Application you can download onto your iphone and its pretty cool and a little freaky.

The application works by absorbing the frequencies to create words from the after life. I was reluctant to try the application at my own house because of what has been said about opening portals to the unknown.

I tried this application out at the library and while I was outside of the building I happen to be drinking a bottle of milk and low and behold the application said milk.

Weird but non to say I didnt keep it on my phone. Maybe coincidence but rather be safe then sorry.