Monday, July 27, 2009

Chinese Graveyard haunting in San Antonio Texas

When I was a kid my family and I would gather around to tell different haunted stories from around San Antonio Texas. One story that comes to mind in particular is the Chinese Graveyard.

I have never been to this location but many people I know who have been to the Chinese graveyard swear they have seen and heard ghosts.

The story goes that if you flicker your flash light 5 or 10 times, this tall Chinese woman will appear and follow you. My friends who have gone and have done this have stated they have never seen the Chinese woman. They did tell me that when they did the flash light activity there were shadows and voices that could be heard.

Some say the graveyard has many unmarked burials of people who were laid to rest with no grave markers. There are a few markers but many have not been named.

Some say they were bodies of Chinese immigrants who were buried in this location.

The location is on 410 and Zarzamora but be warn this location is on private property.