Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Game counsel and TV turn off on their own - My paranormal experience

When the game counsel came out of my Nintendo 64 I got this chill on the back of my neck as if there were a presence in the room. Luckily I had my mom on the other line to tell her what I had just experienced. I mean you read about these things but until it happens to you it give you the chills.

Deep inside I knew it wasn't a malicious presence but more like I was disturbing whatever presence was there and they wanted quiet. I went up to the TV and decided to turn the television off and went off to occupy myself outside preparing for a bbq.

That night I could not sleep knowing that what I known. I wish I had not known that someone had passed away in the house. She sure made her presence known. Inside my room I could just hear the quiet ticking of our wall clock in the hallway which seemed to echo in the whole house. Tick Tick Tick....listening just to hear if maybe I hear a disturbance but yet the silence seemed more uneasy to me that night.

Part 2 Continuation of my ghost story 

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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Part 2 of my haunting experience at the rental home in San Antonio

Read Part one of my paranormal experience if you missed it.

The land lord covered all the details on the house and gave us the keys. We moved in the next day and I had already eyed what room I would be in.

The first night was a quiet night. I mostly listened to my radio and thought nothing of what the lady had said about her mom passing away in the home. I did think sub continuously where she died but I never dared to ask my mom because I knew in the back of my mind my mine would play tricks on me.

We went on as normal and the house was quiet. Nothing out of the ordinary until one day on my way from school I plugged in the nintendo 64 in to play a game of mario cart the volume of the television went from the normal settings to practically silence.

I had just called my mom asking her if she needed any groceries from the grocerie store while I continued playing my game of mario cart when my nintendo 64 game poped out of the game counsel.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

My very own haunting experience at a rental home. Part one

Many years ago when my mom and I were in the mist of looking for a place to live in San Antonio but nothing that we could find that was affordable but yet decent enough to call home. One day one of my moms friends called her and asked her if she would be interested in renting a house instead of an apartment. My moms friend gave her the number to the lady with the house and right away my mom made a connection with the owner to rent the house.

We packed our bags and all our belongings but before that we met with the owner of the home on a clear Saturday afternoon. She was a nice lady and open the house to show us this nice house in a quiet neighborhood on the south side of San Antonio.

The house had a nice back yard with a nice big tree in the middle with tons of leaves which you know will fall during the winter. She did tell us that the house was her moms house who had passed away around a year ago and had been left with no tenants because the family could not decide weather to rent or sell the home. She said the family finally came to an agreement that they would like to rent the house off to not only pay taxes off with the money from the tenant but to have a monthly income that the family could share.

She went on to tell us that her mom love this home and she could not bare seeing it sold to someone. In the back of my mind I could only think oh great a dead woman lurks in this house....

Part 2 of my paranormal experience.