Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Game counsel and TV turn off on their own - My paranormal experience

When the game counsel came out of my Nintendo 64 I got this chill on the back of my neck as if there were a presence in the room. Luckily I had my mom on the other line to tell her what I had just experienced. I mean you read about these things but until it happens to you it give you the chills.

Deep inside I knew it wasn't a malicious presence but more like I was disturbing whatever presence was there and they wanted quiet. I went up to the TV and decided to turn the television off and went off to occupy myself outside preparing for a bbq.

That night I could not sleep knowing that what I known. I wish I had not known that someone had passed away in the house. She sure made her presence known. Inside my room I could just hear the quiet ticking of our wall clock in the hallway which seemed to echo in the whole house. Tick Tick Tick....listening just to hear if maybe I hear a disturbance but yet the silence seemed more uneasy to me that night.

Part 2 Continuation of my ghost story 

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