Saturday, September 03, 2011

Owner sells the house - paranormal experience continues.

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After about a year the owner asks if we would like to buy the house from her since many of the family members who had inherited the house wanted to have their money up front instead of receiving the monthly check from us from occupying the residence.

My mom looked at her and told her that realistically she could not buy the house. It wasn't that she could not buy the house it was that my mom was not aware of what was the process of getting a loan and going threw the scary mortgage process. All thought now that I think about it, that's what may it have been in the first place.

So the owner the next day told us they would call a realtor to have people come and look at the place. My mom just asked when they buy the house to give us notice so we can begin looking for a new place.

The realtor stops by and tells us she would be placing a padlock with the key and they would call us ahead when they would come by.

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