Monday, September 05, 2011

Paranormal experience - The realtor blames us from letting her in.

After the news that we would have to move out. We began our journey looking for an apartment where we weren't to far from my moms work and my high school. The realtor like clock work called us to let us know that she would be coming by with a few people to show the house on a Friday around 6ish. We told her that I would be a band at a football game and she would have to work extra hours so the realtor did not have to worry about knocking and she could make herself welcome.

Then we get home later that night to to see a blinking light on the answering machine from the realtor. My mom click the button to listen to the message when the realtor was un pleased that we kept her from coming into the house.

The next day the owner of the house arrives at our door around 8 in the morning knocking on our door. I answer the door and she ask if she could speak to my mom. I let her in and I tell her to wait in the living room so I can get my mom. My mom then meets the owner and explains to her that both of us were not present in the house.

The owner told us that the realtor explained to her that someone was holding the door on the other side. She said she could hear someone inside the house but there was no answer.

The owner after listening to our explanation seem to come down with a factual expression you get after seeing a scary movie.

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