Thursday, September 08, 2011

Ghost Experience - Packing up and ready to go.

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The night before leaving I remember vividly as I was brushing my teeth a presence which passed by the restroom. I only saw what appeared to be a woman pass from the corner of my eye thinking it was my mom. After brushing my teeth I went to ask who I thought was my mom only to find an empty room. My mom was not in her room. She was in the living room.

I was puzzled but then I realized what I had seen again but paid not much attention. We began packing and we were onto our new apartment which wasn't to far from the house. I sometimes wonder why their mom never moved on but I guess you could say the house was her unfinished business.

A few years passed and my moms friend was at a kids football game when a friend of hers who lived by the house we had rented began small talk. She asked about us which for my moms friend seem random since it had already been around 6 years since we occupied the house. He asked a strange question. Did your friends when they lived in the house see anything paranormal?

My moms friend looked at the gentleman and said yes but why do you ask? seems that the owner who passed away is now haunting my house from time to time and I see her presence now and then in my hallway.

The End!

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