Thursday, June 17, 2010

Famous Ghost Tracks in SA TX

This video is from the discovery channel. This video takes a look at ghosts in a more scientific way.

Another Video on the Haunted Train Tracks in San Antonio Texas

Found the famous train tracks video from San Antonio Texas. This is not my video but its cool just to see it in day light.

If you do go out that way at night beware. The police frequents that area.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Ghost Radar Ap for Iphone

I got the first generation Iphone, nope its not the new Iphone that just came out. Anyway Apple has a Ghost Radar Application you can download onto your iphone and its pretty cool and a little freaky.

The application works by absorbing the frequencies to create words from the after life. I was reluctant to try the application at my own house because of what has been said about opening portals to the unknown.

I tried this application out at the library and while I was outside of the building I happen to be drinking a bottle of milk and low and behold the application said milk.

Weird but non to say I didnt keep it on my phone. Maybe coincidence but rather be safe then sorry.