Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mission San Jose Photo - believe to be haunted.

Front of Mission San Jose

Rose window. Some say it was built by a builder who dedicated it to his love Rosa.

Here is a photo I took a while back of Mission San Jose. According to locals some say a black dog hangs around at night in the court yard. Some say its an indian spirit that lingers in the area. Others have
 stated seeing a headless priest which some say is seen on nights when the moon is full.

If you are in the San Antonio Texas area its a nice mission to visit other then the Alamo.
Mission San José
6701 San Jose Dr.
San Antonio, TX

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Monday, June 06, 2011

The Players Club once known as El Camaroncito club

One of my first writings was about a night club at the time called EL Camaroncito which in English means the little shrimp. Its location is on the Old highway 90 road on the west side.

Today the old club has been converted to a strip club which was confirmed by a recent visitor who works at the club. Thank you Frank for your insight on the club and the strange things that still happen.

The club today is called the Players Club but it seems that strange occurrences have occurred at the club.

To summarize the story many people who have gone to the night club at the time say that the devil dances there and calls to beautiful women.

You can read more about my old post on the Camaroncito Urban legend.

Camaroncito Night Club devil

Friday, June 03, 2011

Our Trip to New Orleans and our freaky experience with a tarot card reader.

Last year my wife and I decided to head out to the big easy(New Orleans) for a mini vacation away from Texas. Yes we left Texas as beautiful as our State is we wanted to do the tourist thing and visit the French Quarter drink up the Cajun Music and eat a shirmp Poo-boy.

On our way to New Orleans we had some car trouble with one of our front tires but couldnt find what was wrong with it.  It didn't stop us from having fun so we went and visited many shops and we did the carriage tour.

Our last day we ran into a fortune teller who offered to do our fortune for a nominal price and we figured what could it hurt.  I figured by the end of the reading I would be a millionaire with a sports car but the reading was actually surprising.

One of the readings went on to say we had problems with our car and we needed to look into getting it fixed. What was freaky was he told us that it was something to do with the right tire. Keep in mind we were about 75 miles away from New Orleans when we heard the noises coming from the car.

After the reading he gave us an amulet and told us that it should take care of any problems and to give us a safe journey. As soon as we left New Orleans I kid you not the car noise went away.

We got home and had one of our friends who was a mechanic take a look at the wheel and he said there was nothing wrong.

Maybe it was the Voodoo Queen giving us a warning. ;)