Monday, September 19, 2011

Do love ones come by after passing away?

A few days ago my wife's grandmother passed away at a nursing home. My wife told me while she was at work she was in an area by the dumpster by her work when all of a sudden she smelled the sent flowered perfume. It was a perfume familiar to her called white diamonds.

A week before that one of her aunts had a discussion with the grandmother that she could see angels ready to take her home. The grandmother told the aunt that she was not ready to leave until she saw the rest of the grand kids.

And just like that when she saw the grand kids 2 days later she passed on.

I remember my own experience when my grand parents passed I remember being at their house one morning hearing the chatter and the smell of fresh tortillas and coffee. Only to go to the kitchen with no one there. Was it only my own experience? Not likely since my uncle had the same experience which I later told him. He describe the same smells and sounds. The ghostly experience only lasted a week then the smells and the chatter left. Leaving the house empty.

In a way it was their way of saying goodbye and they were at peace.

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