Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Part 2 of my haunting experience at the rental home in San Antonio

Read Part one of my paranormal experience if you missed it.

The land lord covered all the details on the house and gave us the keys. We moved in the next day and I had already eyed what room I would be in.

The first night was a quiet night. I mostly listened to my radio and thought nothing of what the lady had said about her mom passing away in the home. I did think sub continuously where she died but I never dared to ask my mom because I knew in the back of my mind my mine would play tricks on me.

We went on as normal and the house was quiet. Nothing out of the ordinary until one day on my way from school I plugged in the nintendo 64 in to play a game of mario cart the volume of the television went from the normal settings to practically silence.

I had just called my mom asking her if she needed any groceries from the grocerie store while I continued playing my game of mario cart when my nintendo 64 game poped out of the game counsel.

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