Sunday, August 22, 2010

Onion House Story - Haunting

Written by
kenownshislife If you find his video send him a message. :-)

I've been looking for people who could corroborate or at least had a similar experience to my story of the onion house. I have been searching for a particular video tape my friend had made. Must have been back 2000 or 2001 he and 2 of his friends wanted to pull a prank on two of their girlfriends they videotaped a pretexed trip to the walgreens shortly after it opened (this could tell what year it was)so after shoplifting some chocolate they decided to go to the onion house as this had become a high school hangout of sorts. They show the girls getting all spooked by some noises from the back the girls run out they chase them down in the front of the building and explain it was their other friend in the back making the noises. Now here is the spooky part. We were at my house making fun of those girls when my friend broke out the tape so I could see the look on the girls faces when they got spooked. While we were watching and then my friends other buddy startled and says wtf and made james rewind. In the upper corner window where there was no floor(renovations)for anyone to stand was a woman her entire body looked like cigarette smoke she was dressed like little house on the prairie bonnet and all she wore a shawl and had her arms outspread she was looking out in the front sort of where the guys were sytanding occasionally back over her shoulder at what appeared to be two orangesh red glowing eyes. Now I say it was a security light but it0 never flashed bright with all their movements so I don't know. Anyway standing in front of the woman was a little girl same makeup same type of garb no shawl. The woman looked back and forth several times and then wrapped her arms and shawl around the girl and they both walked backwards band dissapeared from view into the shadows on a floor that wasn't there. We took. That tape apart bought a frame by frame vcr (one of the first ever sold at walmart) that night these guys just didn't have the technology to fake it no split or tape on the tape and photoshop was too crude for that level of detail. We kept the tape for a while but we eventually moved and the tape was lost. If anyone here has seen it please contact me if anything so I can get a copy. I can't believe we had proof and let it go like that.

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