Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chupacabra story told to me by a local farmer.

A friend of mine who is a farmer told me a story about seeing the Chupacabra after listening to a song called the Chupacabra. Ironic hum? Anyway she told me that its not like how the media protrays it and states that its more like a mix between a dog and some other type of animal.

She says she has seen in on 3 occasions and some of the others have seen it as well. She states it prays on chickens or small live stock to no surprise. Her husband says he has seen it and its nothing he has ever seen.

They both describe it as having short legs on the front and large legs on the back. The head has a long snout and hairless.  Although they have seen what the news on TV has stated but they way they describe it is its like no animal in how it travels an unlike any dog or other type of identifiable animal.

Anyway keep your eye out if you see the Chupacabra lurking in the wilderness outside of San Antonio.

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derekdrye2994 said...

ok u said that it was something unlike any news reporter has ever seen so how so? what is different about it?