Thursday, October 14, 2010

San Antonio insane Asylum information from Mix 96,1

Located on southton and Farm Road

My girl friends little cousin told me they went to this place and found many documents still laying within the building. One of the buildings had a retraining room to restrain patients I guess. They didn't experience anything paranormal that night but they felt the building was very spooky.

Just my take but I feel these buildings were never taken down due to the amount of money to remove asbestos within the building since most of these buildings built before the 70's had asbestos to protect the house from burning.

Anyway below is a link on what Mix 96.1 in San Antonio Texas has found but stories very depending on who you ask.

San Antonio Insane Asylum

Information I found on the San Antonio Insane Asylum.

Just a word of warning the buildings are privately owned by the state so trespassing can get you jail time or a ticket

More information on the insane Asylum (older posting on the topic)

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