Monday, May 21, 2012

My aunt who passed away two months ago.

In the early part of December my aunt was diagnosed with a rare disease which only a hand full of people have been diagnosed with. For the most part my memory doesn't serve me well but it was a disease which took her pretty quick. Its hard to think that going to the doctor to only hear the news that you only have a few months to live can be heart breaking which makings me wonder why anyone would want to know when your going to die. I sometimes wonder if not knowing is better or if knowing is better.

Needless to say her last days I would have to say were a lot more happier then she had ever had since most of our family had not visited her in years. I think back how sad it is that families only come together only when a love one passes. I can say when she passed she went peacefully. Keeping up with the them of this blog I decided to share an experience one my aunts had when she was out of town ready to go to Hawaii to spread her ashes. She fell sleep in the guest room when around 3am the old computer in the guest room turned on as well as the monitor.

My aunt the next day asked my uncle if he had used the computer that night and he smile and said no. In a way I think it was my aunt who had passed, had just sent a message to my aunt who was asleep that everything would be ok.

When they arrived in Hawaii the spread her ashes on a beautiful garden because if you knew my aunt she had an act for flowers which surrounded her country side home. My uncle told me that Hawaii for the most part is windy and for that moment when he spread her ashes the wind stood still for a moment to allow him to spread her ashes so that she could rest in peace.

Here is to you my aunt. We know you left with unfinished business. So my question to you. Do you think a love one who pass comes back to say their final fare well?

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