Sunday, October 16, 2011

Haunted motel in San Antonio

I remember many years ago my aunt worked for a I believe a motel 6 in San Antonio Texas. She worked what you call the grave yard shift for the hotel. She told me that under someone shift a man passed away in one of the rooms and that was pretty much that until...a few weeks later when they rented the room to individuals when they took notice of what was going on.

Apparently guest who occupied the room complained about someone taking their covers off at night. What made this story strange is that on their security cam they caught what looks like a person going to the soda machine only problem was the guy had no legs. To bad they never showed a copy of it but it was a cool ghost story.

Anyway I saw this article on yahoo which had a few hotels from around the US that are haunted.
Haunted hotels in the US

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