Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Donkey Lady Urban Legend reflection

I was reading a blog called Ghost Stories and Haunted Places and the blog allowed me to reflect on how urban legends and ghost stories change depending on who you ask.

Tonight I wanted to reflect on the story of the donkey lady who's some say her spirit lingers by the bridge if your brave enough to summon her. 

One version of this story is that an old woman lived by this bridge alone and many of locals who lived by there were not very fond of her. One night some local trouble makers decided to burn her house while she sleeping. As the house burned trapping her she dashes out of her front door on fire as the flames distorted her body parts changing her appearance to what some say took on characteristics of a donkey. She died where she stood and some say her spirit lingers by the bridge seeking her revenge.

Another version to this story is that the lady is identified as a Chinese woman who lived with donkeys or took care of donkeys.(I wasn't really clear on this one) Many people saw this Chinese woman were afraid of her because of her practice of witch craft Fearing the unknown a few locals took it upon themselves to burn her house to get rid of her due to her witch craft practices. They boarded her house and torched the house so she could not escape. Her donkeys had also been killed and some say her spirit took on the form of the donkey to terrorize those who come need the bridge.

What is similar in both of these stories is what happens when you go to the donkey bridge. Both stories state
 if you flicker your flash light 5 or 10 times you will summon her spirit and bad things will happen. Bad things such as a full body apparition of this donkey like woman.

Personally I have had friends go to the bridge with no paranormal experience. I also read an article a while back that local cops have had reports of dead bodies thrown over the bridge and that spirits do linger at night which can probably explain many of the paranormal activity.

If your wondering where this bridge is I believe its by the Toyota plant on the south side of San Antonio. Most urban legends are around that area I wonder why that is?  Anyway good night and don't flash your lights 10 times unless you want to be visited? jk.

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Jessica Penot said...

Thanks for the referrence! I love this story. I love the donkey lady ghost. It reminds me of old puka stories.