Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Ghost Radar Ap for Iphone

I got the first generation Iphone, nope its not the new Iphone that just came out. Anyway Apple has a Ghost Radar Application you can download onto your iphone and its pretty cool and a little freaky.

The application works by absorbing the frequencies to create words from the after life. I was reluctant to try the application at my own house because of what has been said about opening portals to the unknown.

I tried this application out at the library and while I was outside of the building I happen to be drinking a bottle of milk and low and behold the application said milk.

Weird but non to say I didnt keep it on my phone. Maybe coincidence but rather be safe then sorry.


annmorgan said...

I had that app on my android phone. I have an unusual situation with my daughter and my phone started saying words like "daughter", "journey," "travel." Then it started saying a slew of threatening/frightening words like "here", "not alone","knife". I threw away the paper I was writing the words on and deleted the app immediately.

LocalTexan said...

I agree. Theses type of ways to communicate with the dead can only bring spiritual trouble.

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