Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Review of the San Antonio Ghost Tour Downtown

My girl friend and I and a couple of friends decided to head downtown San Antonio Texas to take the walking haunted ghost tour. It had been a year that we had wanted to do the tour and never really got around to it.

We got there around 8:30 on Alamo Plaza next to the Gazzebo where a young lady wearing a ghost tour shirt approached us as if she new to expect us. We told her we were looking for the walking ghost tour and then directed us to the tour guide who shook our hand and gave us a little summary of what the tour would consist of and so on. The walking tour for each person was 15 dollars per person which wasnt bad considering it was an hour an a half long.

My friend's girl friend was a little apprehensive of the whole idea of hunting ghost. I assured her that this tour would not be as scary as she may think since the locations we were covering were outside.

The tour guide then alerted everyone who would be taking part in the tour to follow him where we cross the alamo onto the next side of the street where we would all sit. He gave a short summary about the equipment we would be using during the walk and how to use the equipment in our ghost investigation. They had what was called an EMF meter that detects electormagnetic fields and a laser heat thermometer that reads temperature.

We walked to around 5 to 6 locations around the Alamo city and each location followed with a short history and what people in the past has capture on tape or pictures.

I took a few snaps so tonight I will look and see if anything appeared in our ghost tour. Although we didn't see any ghosts that night but it was an educational experience and well worth the tour.

The tour started around 9pm and ended around 10:30pm. So if you plan to do the tour go downtown by the alamo next to the Gazebo. The tour starts at 9pm.


Watchman01 said...

Did you learn anything interesting?
I'd love to go to the Alamo, and I should go more since I've only lived my entire life in San Antonio, but it's just too far.
What's got me interested is that at my school (William Howard Taft HS) there's rumor floating around that the auditorium is haunted. Supposedly some kid fell off the catwalk and died. Some students in theatre claim to hear chairs squeak with no one there, footsteps, etc.
I want to check it out, but I don't know if I should explore such things.

Watchman01 said...

Actually we did learn a little bit of history on where the Alamo walls are and where some of the bodies that were found next to the Alamo that were found.

An interesting story is at the Crocket Hotel right where the swimming pool, people have claimed seeing at times Spanish soldiers by the swimming pool as though it was some sort of enactment.

Other tidbits of information is what hotels and what floors to stay at if one dared to experience the paranormal first hand at the hotel.

I wouldn't doubt William Taft HS has its share of haunted stories.

e420sinsafrick said...

my wife and i lived in a house not too far from downtown(about 3 miles or less behind the old entrance of ft sam houston on natalen st off broadway) inside the old duplex style home channels would change, tv would turn on and off, lights flickerd, guests would feel like someone of something else was inside the home. sightings of a man was a regular. friends would complain that it felt like someone was trying to push them down the stairs and more than once "it" was successful. ive talked to several people that have also lived in the same apt and complained of same occurences. i remember seeing a man with slick back hair and in uniform(old military style). i researched for years not finding any answers except that it was used as officers quarters before the 1950's. for some reason this house will not leave me alone... its a super super long story that i dont feel like typing. do you know anyone that can help??

Watchman01 said...

You may want to try San Antonio Paranormal. Here is the website.

Denise hall said...

I went to that school like 4years ago and the auditorium is in fact haunted my friends and I were doing a choir rehearsal for a concert we were throwing and one of the lights were flickering on and off we didn't pay no mind till we looked where they have the projector at and found someone standing there we went to tell a teacher and they went up there and found no one.... ever since then I barely went into the auditorium the rest of the year