Sunday, May 19, 2013

Santa Muerte also known as Saint Death

Interesting story that ran a few or so weeks ago on KSAT news on a saint that derives from Mexico. Santa Muerte has been associated as the narco god that protects them from other rivals and the law.

Whats interesting is that people are looking at the Santa Muerte in conjunction with the Catholic faith. Just to reference the Catholic church has no association with the saint or promotes it.

Santa Muerte steams from the old beliefs from the Aztec gods and has been combined with Catholic beliefs of praying to Saints for interventions. She is described similar to what the Virgin de Guadualupe in the robes standing on the world with the moon casted on the bottom.

Day of the Dead has been associated with the Santa Muete Saint which from research has shown where the saint was created from.

 Is Santa Muerte evil? It depends who you ask. Those who believe in the Saint say that she protects those who ask for her help. The Santa Muerte comes in different colors depending on what cause or offering you are requesting. She comes in a red, blue, black, gold, and green. Each has its own meaning.

For more photos of the Santa Muerte from the SA NEWs click this link.

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