Monday, March 07, 2016

Cancun Tx Trip orbs at the cabin

My wife had planned a camping vacation in the middle of what I consider no where. Conan Tx to be exact not to far from the Frio River. There were several of us staying in a wood cabin which had many of the comforts of a stay away vacation.  I had to work so I had to meet my wife and the family  on Sat. When I got there I enjoyed the bbq when my wife said that she felt that the cabin is haunted.  The cabin made of complete wood has an upstairs where she heard footsteps when she was left with my sister in laws baby.

She then heard a baby cry only to attend to my sister in laws baby sound asleep.  I told her it may just been the wood setting and that's what she may have heard. The baby crying i could not debunk other then when she got to him may have just stopped. 

After eating I told my wife that after standing all day I wanted to go lay down for a bit. As I went to our room I had been messing with my phone I turned the light function on my phone only to notice some small orbs floating around. I decided to take picture and this is what I captured.

ghost orbs


delilah tovar said...

I don't see anything what was it?

LocalTexan said...

Its small white orbs by the brown window on the top right. The room seemed to have gotten really cold which is then when I took my phone out to take pictures.